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'm not going there therethe issue... g-o-p presidential candidate mitt romney is accused of back-ttaccing on... and the reason he says... he waa misund. ((break 1)) ((bump n)) ((2--hot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologiit)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map fiber 695 at proviodencemdot 695 at bwmapmdott95 at 152 mta 3 3 3 3 3 the auto industry... is going fulllforce ahead. well they did in shhppers are buying. cars buying. 'no, i can't be for that,' g-o-p presidential candidate... rickksantorum is throwing an accusing finger at fellow candidate mitt romney. the issue romney's accuuee of flip-flopping on... nd what he recieved for his campaign... that santorum didn't. ((bump out)) 3 mitt romney hopes to keee up his winning ways heading into next week's "super tuesday". republicaa presidential - nominees.romney won three more states this week ... michigan, arizona anddwyoming.but as joe johns reports ... he's also given his opponeets some ammunition to take him down. down. 3--reporter pkg-as followss--in this roller coaster ride of aa race.. the sign t
from saturday. in kansas, rick santorum easily won the caucaus with 51 percent. mitt romney had 21 percent and newt gingrich and ron paul rounding out the field. in wiom -- wioling, mitt romney first and newt gingrich last. including the three u.s. territories where mitt romney did well. here is the latest delegate count. mitt romney 454. santorum 217 and newt gingrich third and paul last. it takes 1144 delegates to clinch the nomination . joining us from birmingham, alabama, a man looking for a strong showing in the south newt gingrich, welcome back to "fox news sunday". >> guest: good to be be back. >> chris: the polls so a surprisingly close race. will you win both? >> guest: i think we will win both. we are campaigning aggressively. you start behind because of romney's money and length of time he's advertising. and you catch up with him when you are campaigning . we have great organizations in both states and in particular in alabama where senate majority leader put together a great state wide organization. i will be campaigning in birmingham and mississippi and campaigning in
. now the results from saturday's republican primary in louisiana. rick santorum came on top . romney 25 percent. romney had 568 halfway to the 1144 needed for the nomination. now to the issues that will defoin the general election between president obama and who ever the republican nominee is. joining us here in the studio is president obama senior advisor david plouffe. welcome to the "fox news sunday". >> guest: thank you. >> chris: during the campaign president obama blamed president bush for the rise of gas prices. let's watch. >> here in ohio you are paying 3.70 for gas because it went down in the last couple of we thinks. two and half times what it costs when george bush took office. >> chris: using that logic how responsible is president obama now for the gas prices since he took office. >> guest: we have gone through it every year. it is more pronounced in the last few years because of increase from china and india. the president said we have to produce oil and natural gas here in this country. production is at an eight year high . triple the rigs in the fields as when the presi
>> bret: i am bret baier in for chris wallace. mitt romney looks to lock up the nomination. but many key tests remain. we'll talk with the gop front runner about the edge and get insight to do his policy solutions for america. mitt romney, a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then actor george clooney brings awareness of a war-torn region and he opens up about what he saw in sudan and how people need help. chris wallace sits down with george cleann. and the preponderance and vice-president hit the campaign trail hard. we ask our panelist if the timing is right for the white house to wrapp up election efforts. and how the candidates are looking for delegates. all now on "fox news sunday". hello, again, from fox news in washington. it is a busy campaign weekend, missouri continues the process of select being delegates and puerto rico votes on tuesday. -- today. joining us is mitt romney. governor, welcome back to "fox news sunday". >> guest: thanks, bret, good to be with you. >> bret: tensions in the u.s. and afghanistan are high at this point. afghan president karzai accused the u
caucaus on saturday. mitt romney won 38 percent. ron paul 25 percent. and rick santorum was chose behind at 24 . newt gingrich was last. on tuesday 10 states are up with more delegates at take than all contests combined up to now. joining us from tennessee is former senator rick santorum. welcome back to "fox news sunday". >> guest: thank you, chris, good to be with you. >> chris: good to be with you, sir. ohio is the biggest prize on tuesday and it seems tailor made for you. blue collar and manufacturing and lots of rural areas and big evangelical vote. don't you have to win there, sir? >> guest: we are going to do very, very well there. it is a tough state because of the fact money disadvantage, but we have a great grass roots campaign and we are hanging in there and we feel confident that woo - we will do well it is harder when you have two conservative candidates running in the race as we have seen in washington and the other states . we have the anti-romney vote if you will. both newt gingrich and i are slugging away. we need to show that we are the best candate to go head-to-head a
boost for mitt romney. phe promonent house republican now backing the presidential hopeful. nats- searching for the raven's newest cheerleaders the men and women who hope to have a place on the sqauad. in the tight race for the g-o-p presidential nomination....mitt romney gets a boost today....from the second ranking hhuse republican. peter doocy tells ps who's endorsing who in the republican presidentiil race-- and revealinggsome popular names that may surprise ou. youu 3 &p3doocy says: "the number two republican in thh house. majority leader eric cantor picked governor romney as his number one choiie for pressdent today. and here's why. "cantor says: "that's the central issue of this campaign. mitt romney's the only man in the race who's accually created jobs." oklahomaasenator tom coburn lined up behind rrmney today too because he says he's served with the other candidatee and too often they've - quote - diiplayed political expediency rather cantor and coburn have ácompanyá n congress when it &pcomes to backing romney. 16 u-s senators ncluding 2008 nominee jo
economic lightweight. i heard governor romney ere called me an economic lightweight ecause i wasn't a wall street financier like hee & you think thattis the kind of experrence we need? someone who is goinn to takee and look after, as he did, his friends on wall street and bail them out at the expense of main street america?"the romney caapaign took another swipe at santorum, posting a web ad showing santoruu endorsing himmfor president in must vote fformmtt romney.and romney savored sunddy's win in puerto rico. these pancakes are something else i tell you. (laughter) these pancakes are about as larre as my win in puerto rico last ight i must admit.i'' greg black reporting. the latest oll bbythe ameeican reseaach group shows romnee with a double digit lead over santorum in the sttte.the poll found 44- percenn of likelyyg-o-p primary votersswould choose romney... compared to 30- percent for santorum.there are 54 delegates at stake. fox45 is your source for vote 2012. go to our website fox baltimore dot com and click on the vote 2012 tab oo the left of your screee.y
and mitt romney &pcampaigning hard today. romney's lead in iilinois has been narrrwing in recent days toowhere his margin over rick santorum is now at &psii-point-foor percent. the latest real clear pplittcs average shows romney with thirty-seven-point-seven percent to santorums thirty- one-point-three percent with gingrich lagging far behind at thirteen-point-three and paul at sevvn--oint-three percent. romney has been outspenning his rivvl by a seven to one margin in illinois, relying in part on what has worked for him in other states - strrng attack ads and pointed barbs at his adversary. today at a &ppancake brunch in moline, economii background to that of president obama's.romney says: "senator santorum, i think, has the same characteristic as thee president in terms of his background, spent his life in government. nothing wrong with that, but right now we need economy fundamentally. senattr santorum has the same economic llghtweight background that the presiieet has." santorum, meanwhile, delivered a sttong pro-life speech at a church gatherrng of about onn thousand wo
!" mitt romney takee a victory lap after winningg n 6 of the 10 contest states last nnght. in hhme state of massachusetts, romney also won virginia, alaska, vermont, idaho and, justtbarely, ohio. but even this victory is not &p"the fact is santtrum has a natural appeal to them becauue background. romney doesn't because of wwo he is, beeause of his background." that's bbcause rick sannorum - &ppnly lost ohio by one romney.santorum ssys: "it was a big night. lots of states. we're gonna win a ew and lose congressman ron paul did not did pick up a few delegatee. ginnrich won hii home state of georgia. ow - thaaks to cheapee methods to reach ddnors - like theeinternet - and this year's huge influx of superpac money - don't exxect anyone to drop out of the race these candiddtes woull be out of the race by now. they'd be left in their ttnks."davvs saas (oncam tag): "a bright spot for romney comes from the exit polling.. most voters number one connern, and that romney seems like thee caadidate most likely to beat president obama ii the fall. in washington, jennifer davis, fox
in the state that held the most delegates a closer look at the primary and caacus results. 3 3&mitt romney is the projected winner offthe battleeround state f ohio -- the big ppize of the niggt - in a tight race with rick santorum.the other feathers in romney's cap include idaho, vermont, pirginia and of courre his hhme state of massachusetts, where he served as governor. romney ddressed supporters n boston as he started racking up the wins.tonight we're counting up thh delegates for the convention and that looks good, and we're counting doon the days until november, and that looks even better . rick santorum is projected to win north dakota, oolahoma and tennessee.and he put up a strong fight for ohio.we went up against enormous odds not just heee in the state of ohio, where who knows how much we were out-spent, but in every state.newt gingrich was hailed the winner of georgia -- which he repreeented n congress for two decades."this is amazing. i hope the analysts innwashinnttn and new yook wwo speet june aad july explaining our ampaign was dead will atcc ttis tonight and learn a
in the reeublican presiientiillprimary. rene marsh has more on whatts at stake in today's voting. 3 mitt romney has momentum going into super tuesddy.gosh a row with washington state, victories in arizona nd off miccigan one week ago, and in washington state saturday, romneyyis hoping to break away from his riials tonight.he's racked up endorsements from high profile conservatives, including house majority leader eric cantor, which could boost his connervative &pcredentials.mitt romney is really the only man in the racc wwo has a plan, bold pro-growth plan to create jobs and get this economy back on &ptrack.but rick santorum, whh hasn't had a win for nearly a month, believes e has a fighttng chance in one of tonight's most important contests -- ohio.i know all the esttblishment is, you know, ining behind the guy with the most monny buttwe havv sooe coorageous people here in ohio who've stood by us. romney and santorum are statistiiaaly ied in the be an important battleground -3 in november. tte south will also be a major test for romney tonight. newt gingricc his home state of georgia. bu
innon them.and he two gadgets... that get you the moot back. (romney last sot) "these ppncakes are about as large as my win in puerto rico last night. i must admit. the margin was jjst about as good." good." and he's savoring a big win in puertoorico... but there's still a long road ahead.the hot topic mitt romney and rick sannorum are now butting heads over... fox 45 morning news.. all g - local.. all morning. ((break 3)) ♪ there's another way to minimize litter box odor: purina tidy cats. tidy cats premium line of litters now works harder to help neutralize odors in multiple-cat homes. and our improved formula also helps eliminate dust. so it's easier than ever to keep your house smelling just the way you want it. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home. [ camera shutters clicking ] ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] announcing southwest airlines nationwide sale, with flights all over the country starting at only 69 dollars one-way. hurry and book now, only at ♪ hurry and book now, only at the glooes are definitely off... betwe
this earr year. front-runner mitt romney paid a visit toothe american legion post ii arbutus wednesday. more than 350 people gathered there romney took about 30 minutes - to remmnd voters why he deserves to be the republicans' choice in the maryland presidential race. he never mentioned any of his rival candidates... choosing instead, to stay focused on president obama. (romney) "he said he'd cut taxpayers, that hasn't happened either. this an is out of ideas and he'ssout of &pexcuses and in 2012, we're going to make sure we get him out of office (applause)" (applause)" typically... maryland is one of the 3 country's most reliable blue states.but in this yeaa's race for the g-o-p nomination... every republican primary vote couuts and maryland matters with its 37 delegates at stake. fox45 is your ource for vote 2012...for more information ... go to fox baltimore dot com... and click on vooe 2012... tab on the left of yoor'll find complete coverage ... as the race for the white house heats up. a plan o explore the sale or re-develooment of 15 bal
super tu. tuesday.tomorrow is expected votiig in the republican of presidential primary yet. mitt romney leads in delegates heading into the nattonal convention and he's dettrrined to defend his front-runner santorum, newt gingrich and ron paul all try toorrmain in the racc. voters in sooe states may soon familiir voice..ormer first a lady barbaaa bush has recorded a robo call in support of mitt romney... that's being used in call... mrs. bush says thatt thh romneys for years... and beliive that mitt is the best man to leaa the country for thh next 4 years.she lso gives mention tt aan romney.... first lady. fox45 is your source for vote informmtion... go to our website... fox baltimore dot ccm... and click on the vote 2012 tab on the left of your screen.youull finn complete coverage... as theerace for the white house picks p. a 7th advertiser has pulled its ads rom rush limbaugg's radio show... after comments he made about a georgetown university law student. student.student. law made show... after limbaugh'ss radio from rush has puuled its ads a 7th advertiser a 7
miit romney is scheduled to & campaign in mmryland this week. p3 romney is scheduled to attend &pa town hall event at american robert ehrlichhii an arbutuu & pativve.. nd the chairman of romney's maryland campaign. -3& marrland's primary is scheduled for april third. earll voting begins saturday. 3 54 delegates are at stake the illiniois g-o-p primary.the latest poll by theeamerrcan esearcc group shows mitt romney with a double digit lead over rick santorum in the state.early vottng also shows rommey leading santorum 51--ercent to -3 36-percent. 3 the baltimore county school board is xpected to vote causing a battle between parents and park lovers. 3 the county school board held a public hearing monday ight over the fate of mmas chapel -3 park ii lutherville. the board a new eleeentary school as a sooution to overcrowding. but -3 many who live neer the park say the plan will only iicreese trafffc and cuu open space. 3 lynnnwarfield/park llver: - 22:50 oh, they need a school, & i agree theyyneee a school, theyy ust don't neee i
. average of recent polls shows former massachusetts governorrmitt romney still leads the race overall......but we checked the polls in the states voting . tomorrow......and mitt romney leads in massachusetts, vermont and virginia... viiginia...gingrich leads in ge. georgia..santorum leads in oklahoma and tennessee... tennessee......and santorum and romney are virtually tied in the key state of ohio. ohio.ohio is ssen by many as the crown jewel of super tuesday.romney says his business experience should make him the favoriteeamong voters...but santorum says this race is about trust. santorum says: "one of the most basic issues in this campaign is trust. can yyu trust someone when they say they're going to be a strong, principled conservative?" conservative?"romney says: "other people in this race economy, they've reaa about the economy, they've talked about it in subcommittee meetings, but 've actually been in it. i've workeddin busi" business."even if rick santorum wins ohio... he won't get all the deleagtes.he had paperwork problems in some of the counties jeb bush versus ba
... was a juvenile. theee are no suspects or ((cheers for romney)).- romney))mitt romney carries six statess.. iicluding ohio... in super tuesday voting.rick santorum &pfollowed with three... and newt gingrich claimed victory in georgia... which is the state thaa held the most highest ron paul finishee waa up .... the kansas cauccses on saturday.guam... northern mariina iiland also parting ways. e-s-p-n reports 3 that manninggand the team'' ownnrrwill conduct a oint press conference today to announce manning's departure. in 14 years.... manninn took the team to the playoffs 11 times... nd on one super bowl. but he missed the entire 2011 series after multiple neck surgeries. if manning is released by the colts... he can sign immediately with another team.. apple is expected to annoonce the much-anticipated i-pad 33todaa.reports suggest the new device may be called the i-pad h-d to showcase a capabilitt... a better ceen. &pcamera... and siri.we shoull find out... when apppe makes an announcement at one o'clock a new survey points to americans as being the worst tourists aroun
is in hawaai -- at an average of 4-48 a gallon. mitt romney said the president &ptackle such problems.the president learned about the pconooy by reading about it (laughter), not by livinn it. 25 years in businees taught me how jobs come and how they go. i'm rick vincent reporting the all-time national aveeage high for gas is 4- dollars 11-cents a gaalon... set in july 2008.we're currently about 6-point-7 percent below that. accordinn to triple a... the gallon of gasoline sits at 3 dollars and 83 centss &pare shelling out three cents more... with the average at 3 dollars and 86 cents. ponth ago. cents higher than and 28 ccnts higher than a &pyear ago . .analyst predict prices could climb to 4 dollars and twenty five cents by mmy.. we can't do much about the rise in gas pricee... but we can help you find tte beet prices in the area.just go to our website foxbaltimore dot com... and click n pump pptrol undee hot topics. 3 mitt romney wins thee republican presidential primary in puertt rico.rooney campaigned in the commmnwealth friday with the help of puerto rico's governor.puerto rico
.the candidates are primaaies tuesday in l mississippi and alabama.mitt romney continues to hang on to thh lead. rick santorum is making stridee, he spent the day in mississippi, shaking he hopes a strong showing ures. could force newt gingrich out a two-man contest.rn this into - santorum says: "the eetablishment is trying to force a moderate republican from massachusetts down the throats of the american people and if we have to go to a conventiin, we'll win at about that. that.romney had no events ssheduled oday. meanwhile .... gingricc says romney is the weakest frontrunner in the three have stepped up their tv advertising in alabama and mississippi. he doesn't want to be reached 3 punishment on display. the ffther that's fed up withh his son...and the behavior he's trying to correctt [ female announcer ] with xfinity, you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too. plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider. so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework [ female announcer ] and be
going 47 miles an hour and over... it clocked them at 42 . 3 mitt romney carries six states .. including ohio... in super tuessay votiig. voting.((cheers for romney)) romney))rick santorum followed with three... and newt gingrich claimed victorr in georgia... which is the state that held the most delegates of the night.the highest ron paul finished was up .... the kansas caacuses on saturday.guam... the virgin islands and northern mariana island allo hold caucusessthat day. the f-d-a has issued a warning against the company that markets "aeroshots"... the so-called caffeine inhaler. inhaler.the company couud face regulatory action... over what the f-d-a calls "false and misleading" labeling. aeroshot's website cllims the powder inssde reaches your and ingested.the f-d-a says the labeling is misleading... because the product cannot be intended for both inhalation and ingestion. if you think video games are nothing but mindless entertainment... think again. frequunt gamiig can improve decision-making processes to youu ability to multitask. in addition... a study of nearly 5-hun
meaning this year. year. mitt romney paid a visit to the american leeion more than 350 people gattered there for a town hall meeting. romney took about 30 minutes to remind voters why he deeerves to be he never mmntioneddany of hissrival candidates... choossng instead, to stay focused on presidenttobama. (romney) "he said e'd cut taxes from middle income taxpayerr, that hasn't happened either. this mann s outtof ideas and he's out of excusessand in 2012, weere going to make sure we get him out of office (applausee" (applause)" maryland has 37 deleggtes up for grabs in this yeer's rimary. the primary will e eld april 3rd. p marylaad college student's pxchange with the preeident is viral.president obama waa affer an energy policy event with maryland governor martin o'mmlley last week whhn he had an impromptu sign language exchange witt stephon. steppon is a 26 year old prince george's commuuity college student... who is alsoo. deaf.during the exchange... stephon used american sign language tootell the president, "i ammprouddof you." obama pauses... and responds
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. nominee. pichigan is the boyhood home of republican front-runner mitt romney....challenger rick pennsylvania...and right in between the two is the u-s state of ohio...both candidates think it's a place they can win...and perhaps even a state they have to win."it really is a test of both the seriousness and the staying power of any presidential campaign, in either party. and when it there's a lot of diverse constiiuencies there."ohho offers a microcosm of the u-s eleccorate...a mix of urbann and rural voters...evangelical christians and catholics...and a combination of moderate repubbicans and those who vote conseevative."ohio could make the differencc. they allays do. you aaways seem to be right in the center. no matter what the election, no matter when it is, ooio is the key." plus, ohio is bellwether state for the u-s general & republican presidential candidate has gone on to win the white house without the state of ohio. "voters here are very concerned about electability. they are aware of the central role thh state will play in november. and voters that ar
presidential primary takes on a new meannnn this year. year. front-runner mitt romney paid a visit to the american legion post in arbutus wednesday. more than 350 people gathered there for a town hall meeting. romney took about 30 minutes deserves toobe the pepublicans' choice in the &p he never mentioned any of his rival candidates.... choosing instead, to stay focused oo resident obama. (romney) "he said he'd cut taxes from miidle income taxpayers, that hasn't papppned either. this man is out of ideas and he's out of excuses and in 2012, we're going to make ssreewe get hii out offoffice (applause)" ((pplause)" typically... maryland is one oo the country's most reliable blue states.but in this year's race for the g-oop nomination... every rrpublican primary vvte counts anddmaryland matters with its 37 delegates at stake. today... mitt romney is trying to shhke accusations that he's an inconsistent conse. conservative.this... after his top adviser compared him to an etch-a-sketch toy.during a t-v appeaaance wednesday... eric fehrn-strom was asked if the g-o-p primary
been behind bars since he was 17. 3 3g-o-p... presidential candidate.../ mitt romney .../ ááisáá back... on tte... campaign trail.,../ ááafteeáá... his....2.../ crucial wins. a.../ solid ../ - viitory ...// in... arizona's.../ prrmary... / ááearningáá 47-percent.../ of... santorum's.../ ...rick - 27-percent..../// áábutáá when.../ the... votes.../ were.../ tallied.../ in... his.../ home state ...of.... margin.../ was... much smaller..../ áá36áá percent.../ to... sannorum's.../ 33-perceet. santorum sayy: "to go into governnr romney's home sttte, bb outspent by anywhere from 6 press reports you believe; this is a huge huge win for us." us."romney ssyss "we didn't win by a lot buttwe won y enough, and that'' all that cou" counts." romney's.../ test.../ again.../ áálessááá.. than... a week .../ from now -/ ááwhenáá 10... states.../ hold primaries.../ on... ""super tuesday"...// . áá400áá delegates .../ are.../ up... for grabs ...// áácomparedá
.ainst a - with just one day to lady barbaaa bush has recorded 3 a obo call in support of mitt romney... that's being used in ohio and the she and her family have known the romneys for years... and believe that mitt is thh best man to lead the country for the next 4 years.she also gives meetion to ann romney... ffrst lady. make a greet - a 7th advertiser has pulled radio show... after comments he made about a georgetoon university law student. limbaugg callee sandra fluke a "slut" and prostituue... after she teetified before congress about birth cootrol.he suggested her support of contraception coveeage.... as an attempt to force ameeicans to pay ffr her sexxal apologized to fluke... sayiig and idn't mean to personally attack her. general motors is temporarily suspending production of the chevy volt... due to low sales .the batter-powered car... has raved about in the past... &psold just overr1-thousand car last montt.experts say part of the problem is that it's expensive... costinggdrivers 40-thousand dollars.the 5-week suspension will result in 13--- gas prices are up for the 27th da
in his neck of the woods ahead of tueeday's g-o-p primmry the winner witt women will be romney.bryant says: "governor romney has a great favorability rating with female professional woman is - going to say 'that's who i want to vote for.'" (on cam tag)doocy sayy: "a campaign official tells us hat the president won't be personally involved in the outreach tt women this week. he's going to bb busy with british prime minister david cameron. but on friday mister obama will hit thh campaign trail in georgia and illinois. so stay tuned. and check your mailboxes. in washington, peter doocy, fox news." check your cabinets... cabinets...gerber is recalling some of ts baby formula... after reports of fouu odors. the product number affected... and if it really poses a health risk to your child. child.but first...carrier pidgeons?the other outrageous things people are trying to claim on their taxes this year...and if it works. ((break 3)) 3 if you haven't filed your taxes yet... you've ggt just over a month o get them done. deductions for everything that's allowed ... some pe
in the ssate in the last week. newtt gingrich was in annapolis... runnee mitt romney wws in arbuuus lass week. acccrding to tte lltest c-n-n poll... president obama holds a doubleedigit lead over mitt romney and rick santorum.the poll ssggests....if the right now.. insteaa of eld november... 54 percenttof registered voters would back support romneyyin the obama preeident would have 555. the percent suppprt ... to santorum's 42-percent. sse all of our stooies n he racc for the whitt house. thhy're on ouu website... foxbaltimmre dot com. it turns out ... people in europeeare the biigest alcchhl drinkers in the woold.a new repoot from the world ealth orranizztioo says europeans on average consume about 2 and a &phalf liters a year.thha's about three standard alcoholic driiks a day.expeets say i's a growwng health problem with more than 40-recognized alcohol-related ccndiiions. it's officially spring,, and "do it yourselfers" are aareadyygathering heir tools to improve the home in ime foo summer. but don't is live at home depot with somm big savings before you put those big iidas to
the best sleep. 3 mitt romney hopes to keep up his winning ways heading into next week's "super tuesday". that's when vvters in 10 states cast ballots for republican presideetial nominees.romney won three more states this week ... michigan, arizona and wyoming.but as joe johns reports ... he's also given his opponents somm ammunition to take him down. down. --reporter pkg-as follows --in this roller coaster ride of a race.. the sign that frontrunner status and momentum is back on mittt romney's side..the latest gallup national tracking poll conducted parttally after the primaries in arizona and michigan showing romnny out to a big lead on the morning after the win in the wyoming for the romney campaign -- oy because the old rap on him -- the harge thht he flip flops on policy issues.. resurfaced in a big way. thh issue as romney's inntial position on a proposal -- just now tabled in the senate that would have allowed insurance plans to deny connraceptive coveeage sponsor or employer's a &preligious bbliefs. when firs asked about it on wednesday rooney said this.."i'm not for thee
romney circled back to the aatack. rommey says, "37 months ago told us that if romney says, "37 months ago told us that if he could borrow $787 billion, almost a trillion dollars, he would keep unemployment below 8 percent. it has not been below 8 percent since." since." the reason the current unemmloyment rate did not go lower than eight-point-three percent is a good sign: hhlf a million people re-joined the job market and are looking again. severall..// good samaritans.../ come... to the reecue .../ of.../ an... officer.../// when... a mann.../ tried... stealing.../ a... customer's backpack.../ at... this florida.../ mcdonalls..../// áápoliceáá... arrived...// áábbtáá the suspect.../ wasnt easily...// ááheáá attacked... the deputy, .../ ááknockingáá off... his radio,...// áá soáá he... couldnt call.../ for... back--up...///. áá3áá homeless... cop's... rescue...// ápullingáá the.... suspect .../ off... the officer. 3 "i think they are phenomenal. you know, they didn't have to get involved. pnvolved. t
ago...///ááandáá fox news.../ projects... mitt romney .../ will.../ win... the states.../ d/ delegates...///áárickáá santorum...// &p fought... hard .../ for...// a... surprise victory.../ inn.. he.../ state....//// áábutáá mitt romney.../ vastly... out-spent.../ santoruu's campaign... romney targeted the white house in his victory speecc tonight iq: after yearsoq: enough... we've had enough fox44.../ is... your sourcc... for... vote 2012...///. ááforáá more information... / go fox baltimore dot com.../ ááclickáá on... the potee.. 2-12.../ tab.../ on... the left... of your screen...///.ááyou'lláá find... complete ááasáá the race picks up...//. ááandáá stay tuned .... por... continuing coveragee../ tonnght... house budget chairman paul ryan roposed a sweeping reforr of everything from taxes to medicare today.... as parttof a new republican bbdget plan. the budget if filled with a lot of bold repealing obama's hea
contest. p keith daniels, live frrnt-runner mitt romney paid a visit.. kkith. e're liie outside the american legion post..... .............and one of the heearrived here todayy. wass tell the crowd about the sterling endorsemmnt he had just received rom former pforida governor jeb bush. and tonight.. he wwntss that same endoosement from maryland republicans in the state's party primary. priiary. at the american legion post in arbutus.. they wwited outside.. dozens of supporters who wanted a glimpse of their candidate...........inside the post.. standinggroom only... then the introduction....... (ááánats up full: "governor, soon tt be presiient, mittt romneyááá)..........a standing ovation for mitt romney.. who's considered by this groupp to be the epublican the white house. the former massachusetts governor speaking aa a town hall meeting.. just hourssafter winning the illinois pprty primary.(ááánats up full: ""appy with thatt response.....ááá) &p............typically, maryland is one of the country's most reliable blle race for the g-o-p nooination, ever
.../ republican.../ p. polls. national.../ polling averages.../ &p show... romney .../ riik santorum .../ by... an averaae .../ of... more &pthan... 8 points...//.áánewtá &p gingrich.../ has... 15 perccnt .../ p ááronáá percent./ 12 - romney's .../ &p weaponn../ in... his race.../ &p foo... tte &pnominatioo...//// ácashh...///he.../ - his... campaign coffers...// - yesterday...// and... today...////. ááhisáá pivals...// are... trying.../ to... keepp p...//// ááaidesáá.... for... rick santorum.../ insist... / theer... money's.... good,.... áásayingáá.../ last weekend''.../ win... in louissana.../ and.../ &pthis clash.../ with.../ aa.. nnwwyork tiiee.../ helped with.../ fundraising...////. ááthougháá santorum disaddantagg.../ in... wisconsin. pot santorum sayy: ... we're fightinn hard but you know, governor romney is here. we're not. aad o when youure, when you're thaa badll outspent it is hard to win. but we feel like we haav as i
. votes are being counted riggt now... in the 10 super tuesday have some wwnnerss.. winnerss..mitt romney has already won the primaries in vermont ann virginia and his home state of massachusetts... massachusetts......and former house speaker newt gingrich won the primary in his home state of georgga georgia...and rick santorum won the primaries in oklahoma and tennessee.just mooents agoo...mitt romney spoke to his suuporters in boston boston<> <> criag boswell has been pollowing this wholeething from washington d-c... d-c.....and craig... what are the key things we need to watch for tonight... tonighh... 3 3 3 is the icture any clearer tonight, on how this is ultimately going to settle? 3 craig boswell... live in washington, d-cthanks see all of our stories about the race for the white house. go to fox-baltimore dot com... and click on the vote 2012 icon in the news features section.all of the stories on oor website are free 3 super tuesday.... is.../ a... critical day.../ for... republican... presidenttal hopefuls...//// áábutáá.../ the president.../ is...
republican voters who say they wanted someonn who reflects theer conservativv values. &pmitt romney and newt gingrich chose not o campaagn themselves in kannas - instead focusing their efforts on puesday's primaries in the south. here's what santoruu said to me about that.santorum says: "i'm being attacked by my opponents in mississippi and alabama as not beeng the conservaaive. and yet here inn one of the most conservative states in the counnry they pomney is also doing some celebrating. he won 18 delegates between the contests in the u-s erritories on guam and the northern miriana islands. romney is also doing well innthe wyoming caucusss canceled a planned trip to h kansas...choosing insteaddto spend time and money in mississippi and alabama. gingrich has also said that regardless of the outcomes on tuesday, he intends to stay in this thing all the wwy to the republican convention ii florida this summer. ron paul fought hard here in the state on friday.. he he wasn't after a specific more the merrier.((on cam ag)) now t this point everyonelooks forward to tuesday and thh so
. &pof the states 54 ddleeates at the op onvention. romney got about 50 percent of the vote, with most of his illlnois' bbg cities. tonight withharound 30 percent wasn't enough to maae the race close. tonight in howard county it was a perfect prom shopping par. picked about 40 deserving students who had more than 100 dresses to choose from. theyy were able to pick up shoes, thhy need to make prom night r perfect. and that best part? it was all ffee. " i have a dress...i have beautiful eckless to go along with it. a onderful xperience." &pexxerience."" the &pgive-awaa was organized by howard community college. all theeitems for the 40 deserving students ere donated. donated.any left-over dresses and accessories will be donated to chartiiy. p the.... pope.../ ooficiallyy../ names.../ baltimore's... new archhishop.../ today....//// ááandáá.... there... was a celebratiin.../ at... the basilicaa..// downtownn downtown. cardinal... o'brien.../ puccessor..../// ... - ááwilliamáá lori...// from.../ ááloriáá.
at stake inthe illinois primary... and mitt romney is going hommewith the majority of them. them.the former massachusetts governor claims victory in leaving illinois with the entire pie of delegates.he'll have to share some with rick santorum...he finished second. fox45 is your source for vote ... go to fox baltimore dot com... and clicc on vote 2012... tab on the left of your'll find compleee coveragee... as the race for he white house heats up. arrest of a man who fatally shot a florrda teen but has not been arressed or charged. some claim 28-year-old george zimmerman confrooted 17- year-old trayvon artin after deeeing him suspicious because he's bllck.a police report describes the shooter as a white mall.but as reg black explains... his family said he's a spanish-speaking minorit. minority. noopeace! no justiceeoutrage is steaming in the trayvon maatin case -- withhan n- double-a-c-p rally in sanford, fllrida and a march for justice in the state's capitol... tallahassee. jussice for tayvon!the teen was fatally sot by george zimmerman last month. - zimmeeman sa
gingrichhwas in annapolii last night anddfroot runner mitt romney was in arbuuus ne week ago. 3 the... supreme court .../ heard.../ &on.../ resident obama's .../ health care.../ reform... law,...// today.../ the... panel...// considered .../ whether.../ the... árestá oo tte law.../ could stann,.../ ááifáá the court... tosses out.../ the... - mandatee../ ááthatááá all americans... buy.../ -3 health insurance ...//// áátheáá court's...// done...// the hearings...// áánowáá.... debate...// takes... over...///. 3 2700 pagee worth offdifferent - items ttat are in this bill - if that stays in placc who will pay for it? it's criticall the individual mandate was -33 originally a republican ideaa a... final... court decision... is expected in junee 3 herr's... our... question of the day/// áádoáá you hink... the... health care law.../ is unconstitutional??- unnonstitutional
percent want rick santorum to end his bid.another recent shows mitt romney with a sizeable lead in nationwide support from republicanss former republican presidential candiddte herman ain has a that haa a ottof peoppe talkin. talking. 3 usee a rabbit.... to epresent small businesses... and t's shot and killed.the ad was temporarrly pulled from you twitter toocomplain....and the ad was back. starbbckk... is thh most popular fast food chhin on more than 9- mmllion "likes." - mcdonaldds came in second place.. follooed by subway, taco bell and pizza pays to like your favorite restaurants on facebook.peoplee often alerted o special offers and discounts. tragedy in california... it? i mman iifound her on the floor drowned in her oww blood, with a letter next to her head sayiig 'go back to your country, you terrorist'. terrorist'.an iraqi woman is killed and it's believed to have been a hate crrme.but ffnd out why authoriiies are saying... it mighh not be the c. caas. 3&((break 1)) d97 turn left. the passat is one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick
was in annapolis... tueeday night.. and front runner mitt romney was in according o the latest ccn-n poll... president obama holds a double digit lead over mitt romney and rick santorum.the poll suggests... if the general election were held right now.. instead of novemberr.. 4 perccnt of registered voters would back the ppesident.43-percent would support the obama and santtrum match-up... the prrsident would have 55- percent support ... to santorrm's 42-percent. see all of our stories on the race for the whiteehouse. they're on our websste... foxbaltimore dot com. summer is just around the children in the city won'tt have as many options when it comes tt swimming pools this ye. year.ssveral swimming pooll in summer because the mayor says the city can't afford it.mayor &pstephanie rawlings-blake is trying to close a 48-million dollar budget deficit. to cut costss.. she's pllnning to some of the pools are in need of repairs and don't get used very much anyway. <"what we have is years of neglecc... in many offthhse &pneighborhood walk-to pools."> pools.">ddspite the budget... se
questiined why everyone is so ure that mitt romney will win thee omination 3 i keep hearing these ust win states for me. how about must win states for romney? we're gonna go down to ll today and -3 i think we're gonna do really really well. continue the string of being ouuspent again 3 argument. and yet we conninue &to win in the face of that. 3 maryland's 3presidential primary takes place april 3rd...bbttearly voting started todaywe went to the polling center at old northwest baltimore this were a few people there... asting their appreciate the opportunity tt -3 cast their ballots beeore thh - rush of peoole on primary day. 3 iq: well sometimes when you go to the pollsoq: i think its great for the city i reallyydo doearly voting 33 centers will be open every day until primary day.voters ii line at closing time will be allowed to vote. voting centers across the state......and the hours they are pengg to foxxbalttmore dot com slashhnewslinkk -3 see all of our sttries on the race for the white house.thee are all on our paltimo
, the all-new subaru impreza. ♪ experience love that lasts. pitt romney dded morr delegates to his race forrthe republican omination......but settled notting. nothing.romney won tates ohio... by jjst 1 percentage 3 point.even though he out-spent rick santorum by a wwde margin. ...and ron paul didn't win any. it appears everyone ii staaing in thh race.and in the old &pdays---- before you could raise a lot of money easily on the internet--- things would probably be a llt different by now. trippi says: "most of thess pandidatts woulddbe out of the race bb now.. they'd beedead. they'd have no fuel left in theii tanks." see all of our stories about &pthe race for theewhite house. go toofox-baltimore dot com... and click on the vote 2012 icon in the nnws features section.all of the stories on ourrwebsite are free for thh first ime... govvrnor o'malley may grant clemenny to two maryland inmatee serving life sentenccs for murder. murder.mark grant wass convicted in 19-84 after a mmn robbery in est &pdefendant aa the triggeemann triggerman.and tammra ssttles was convicted of
want rick santtrum to end his bid.another recent poll shows mitt romney with a sizeableelead in natiinwide support from republicans. former republiian preeidential candidate herman cain has aa controversial new political d that has a lot of people talkin. talking.1-15 oc: anyqueesiins? anyquestions? this anti- stimulus ad... ses a rabbit.... to represent small businesses... as you saw ... the rabbit is shot and killed. because oo the controversial image ... the ad was temporarily pulled from you tube yeeterday.cain took to twitter to complain... and now the ad is back. students nationwide taking s-a-ts and a-c-ts will be facing big changes this fall after a cheating scandal in nassau ccunty... new york. york.several peopll were to take the test or other -d pplicy hopes to closee with their application. - checking duuing the actuall tess, and students must write down their gender and school. naassu county's district attorney says the changess benefit everyone. rice says: "anything worth having is worth working hard for. not cheatinggto et to. in tth past kids might
race played ny role in the 3 &panother tuesday... brrngs another must-win contest for mitt romney. romney.mitt mitt mitt mitt chant chantthe former massachusetts governor claimed victory in illinois... with ricc santorum trailing behind.newt gingrich was abseet from illinois tuesday... focusing moot of his attentton where hees done best... the conservative south. gingrich is channeling all his campaign resources into saturday's primary in louissana and taking on his toughest compeeition there... santorum. ron paul is on the pupporters n california. - fox45 is your source for vote 2012...for more information ... go to fox bbltimore dot com... and clicc on vote 2012... tab on the left of your'll finn complete coverage ... as the &prace for the wwite house heat upp football season is still a ffw months are you ready for some hurling! that's just one of the sports association thinks you should start ppaying. playing. joel d. smith is live in federal hill o try some urling... and a few good morning joel d. 3 3 3 coming up... owners of the new i-pad 3... are repor
will makeetheir pick for the republican candidate for president today.two new ools show mitt romney in a statistical tie withhnewt gingrich for the lead in alabama and mississippi.rick santorum is trailing in both polls right now.and candidate ron paul has not even campaigned in the two states. apple is being sued over problemm with siri... the voice-activated assistant oo the i-phone 4-s.the persoo behind the lawsuit is frank fazio... a new york man... whoo claims apple's aas are says ttey overstate siri's zio capabillties.thh lawsuit asks for unspecified damages. authooities around the country are noticing a surge in "tide" thefts.thievessare cashing in by stealing 20-dollar bottles of tide... thhn sellinggthem for half the minnesota... one man swiped 25- áthousandá-dollars worth of tide over several months... before being arrested. authhrities bblieve thieves popular and rrcognizable. taylor swift nats nats at just 22-years-old... taylor swift is taking the music world by torm.the ccuntry singer tops bbllboard magazine's coveted list... of leading music money-makers.
nominatiio and mitt romney have been um - fighting neckkand neck to pull aheaa.there's also newt gingrich who has campaigned heaaily in super tuesday staaes in the hopes of getttng himself bbckkinto the race. ron paul is aaso hhping to pick up sooe delegates innthe primariessand caucuses... and keep his nomination hopes alive. rene marsh is live from georgia with the latest. coming up... the pain t the pump... isn't getting aay easier.but is &pthere any relief in sight?a look at the large-scale issues... affecting your wwllet. and theyyre honoring a hiitory.where you can get your hands on these star spangled watching fox 45 morning nnws.. all local.. all mmrning. ((break 7)) ((bump i mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. the pain at the
points.../////. áásantorum'sáá a... distant second .../ behind romney .../ in./.. overall... delegate count../. áhe'sáá slightly favored .../ in... the ontest...// this.../ coming weekend ...// in... louisiana....///// áábutáá... he... question remains.../ ááwhatáá.../ would happen.../ if... gingrich.../ ádroppee outá? yook says: "if gingrich left the race according to the latest fox poll a large number of voters woold go to santorum but enough to go to rooney so pe would still keep his lead." 3 presiient obama... added .../ 45... million dollars hhs campaign coffers.../ in is... less than... he raised .../ february of 2008 fox44.../ is... yourrsource... for... vote 2012...///. ááforáá more information... / go foo baltimore dot pom.../ ááclickáá on... the tab.../ on... the left... of your screen...///.ááyou'lláá find... complete poverage... / ááasáá the race ...for the white house.../ picks up...//. ááandáá
annapolis today.gingrich's visit comes a week after &popponent mitt romney topped in arbutus.maryland's g-o-p primary is april 3rd. maryland lawmakers are trying to move baltimorr's election to coincide with the general election.the city election is currently held one year after the gubernatorial election.. resulting in low voter turnout. if the bill is signed into law the next city election would take place in 2006. the u-s supreme court is hearing arguements that will decide the future of the president's health care reform law.. they are considering weather the affordable care act is constitutional. many people are keeping their eye on the ouucome of this case ... and the implications it will have on individuals states across the country .. including maryyann. (((pat))) americans for prosperity ii and they're taking busloads of - people with them. nick loffer joins uss this morning. -tell me about the bus trip -what will happen once you get there-who's speaking ann how can people be part of the busride-what is the implication for maryland if they rule in favor ... if they rule
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